Our commitments


Respect professional secrecy

Prevention of conflicts of interest

Do not market products with identical characteristics to each other in terms of investment universe, benchmark, profitability and risk objectives, management style.


Bring all the care needed to promote the development of the marketing of management companies and their financial products.
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of client management companies, including ongoing knowledge of management products and processes.

Obligations of means

To equip itself with the modern means of communication and information necessary for the good practice of its profession.
Make available to its customers adapted IT resources, a website with ergonomics designed to make information on funds immediately updated and accessible.

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As a founding member of AFTPM (French Association of Third Party Marketing Parties), exercise its responsibilities and mission with the desire to be an example of professional morality, both vis-à-vis other professionals in the management as the supervisory authorities.
Act with loyalty, skill, and diligence, to serve its customers in their best interests.


Respect the regulations and the code of ethics both with regard to its clients management companies and their investors.
Have written procedures to ensure that employees work in accordance with the code of ethics.
Respect the regulatory constraints related to the distribution of each of the products marketed on behalf of its customers.
Establish internal procedures for reporting to TRACFIN sums that may come from the crimes referred to in article L 562-2 of the CMF.
Respond to a duty of care regarding the identity of investors and transactions in unusual circumstances.


Ensure the clarity and accuracy of information, including promotional, addressed to customers and prospects investors. This information complies with the requirements mentioned in Articles 314-10 to 314-17 of the AMF General Regulation.
Maintain a trustful relationship with our customers.
Communicate regularly on his commercial actions.


An entrepreneurial company owned by 100% by its partners, Investeam pursues a single objective: to develop, at the least cost, the assets of the management companies for which it works.