Investeam Wealth, with complete independence and objectivity

With 100 millions of euros raised from about XNUMX institutional investors, Investeam wants to develop its business with a clientele of investors (natural and legal persons, qualified investors or not) interested in receiving the advice of long experienced specialists in the areas of asset management and markets.

For that purpose, Investeam created a department entirely dedicated to this activity: Investeam Wealth.

Certifications: financial investment advisor registered in the Single Register of Insurance, Banking and Finance Intermediaries (Orias) under the number 13000375 under CIF, registered under the number E003291 with ANACOFI, association approved by the AMF.

Regard to ​​savings, investors often place more importance on the taxation of their investments than on their relevance. Based on your individual objectives and your sensitivity to risk, Investeam Wealth advises you, independently and objectively, in the construction of your portfolio and the selection of your investment media.

Micado France 2019

After the successful launch of Micado France 2018 in September 2012, Investeam and Accola have reiterated their desire to develop this innovative and alternative financing track that is Micado France for SMEs and ETI French. The second vintage was launched. Managed by Palatine Asset Management, Micado France 2019 is in the investment phase.

Birth of La Lauragaise

The Commercial Court of Carcassonne has approved the project to take over the business of Spanghero de Castelnaudary.

This project, in which Investeam has partnered with Laurent Spanghero and Jacques Blanc, will save a flagship of the South West agri-food industry and maintain some of the jobs.

For Investeam Participation 1, this achievement is part of its commitment to mid-market and SMEs, materialized in 2012 by the fund Micado France 2018 and, being created this year by Micado France 2019.

The activity restarts in the colors of the region, under the name La Lauragaise.

Investeam sets up in Switzerland

The Investeam Europe Group, present in France and Canada, is setting up in Switzerland with the launch of Investeam Swiss SA, based in Geneva.

The mission of Investeam Swiss SA is to ensure the commercial development of asset management companies in Switzerland through, on the one hand, the exclusive marketing of their funds to institutional investors, external distributors and asset managers and, on the other hand, assistance in their sales and marketing initiatives in Switzerland.

Based on the experience of the Swiss market and the asset management of its founder, Maxime Smith, Investeam Swiss will allow the management companies that mandate it to establish a long-term presence in the Swiss market. In its mission, Investeam Swiss also benefits from Investeam Group's reputation, know-how, support and tools.

Micado France 2018

A new source of financing for medium-sized French companies.

Investeam has partnered with Accola and Middlenext to launch a mutual fund offering, to twenty listed ETIs, an initial access to the bond market and, to institutional investors, the opportunity to diversify their portfolio with new French industrial signatures, benefiting from a couple of attractive risk return.

With a target of 300 millions of euros, Micado France 2018 will be managed by Portzamparc Gestion and marketed by Investeam.

Talents Rares, a new offer for the IFAs

Built in association with the insurer La Mondiale Partenaire and the association of savers Aprep Diffusion, Talents Rares consists of a range of funds managed by management companies that embody a specific style of management.

AFTPM, a hyphen in the profession of TPM

Created at the initiative of Investeam, the French Association of Third Parties Marketers (AFTPM) wants to be a link between all actors of this new profession in France, ensuring their representation with market players and authorities. The mission of the AFTPM is to promote and, if necessary, defend the independent exercise as a third party marketing business for the benefit of asset management companies on behalf of third parties, in the interest of investors and in the respect of a system of free competition, transparency and righteousness of the actors of the profession. In fact, the AFTPM was created to maintain a standard of excellence and to promote the exchange of ideas and information between TPM companies.

AFTPM also aims to help asset management companies for third party accounts and to understand the role of third party marketers as a vector of their commercial development. Finally, the AFTPM's mission is to represent the French companies of TPM with any market authority, in France or abroad, as part of their commercial development and / or their regulatory environment.

It is in this spirit and for this purpose that the French companies of TPM met in a professional organization representing all the actors of their profession, whatever the size and the movement.