You are a wealth management advisor

We provide a range of products adapted to the needs of your customers and a constant attention to your own requests.

Quality customer service

  • A sales team of 2 people dedicated to the CGP.
  • Permanent availability: appointments, phone, email, etc.
  • Regular information on funds with the provision of commercial media.
  • An interactive and dynamic website: access to NAV, historical performances, news about management companies, events calendar, etc.

A range of management products

  • Access to independent managers.
  • A broad and diversified range in terms of asset classes, sectors, geographical areas, etc.
  • Original and successful funds.

Partnerships with platforms (insurance and banking)

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Special attention to the needs of the CGP

  • Monthly newsletters: Perspectives, Talent Opinions, Gold Monitor, etc.
  • Many opportunities to meet the managers: one-to-one, conference calls, roadshows, conferences, trade shows, etc.
  • Referrals to the main life insurance and banking platforms.
  • We invite you to consult the Calendar tab for the events of the next weeks.

A range of management products

More 120 dating in more than 25 cities in 2017.
Events organized every month.