You are a fund manager

We effectively operate as if we were the in-house team of your commercial development so that you can focus on your core business.

Marketing and preparation for sale

  • Customized marketing strategy
  • Tailor-made marketing materials
  • Development of stunning communication strategy
  • Communication policy: monthly newsletter, press articles ...
  • Organization of events for investors.
  • Participation in trade shows.

Sale to investors and distribution networks

  • The knowledge of investors, their needs, their constraints.
  • Making appointments
  • The presentation of the management companies and their products (almost as well as the managers).
  • The response to calls for tenders and due diligence questionnaires.
  • Reminder, essential to the conclusion of operations.

After-sales service for investors

  • Regular information of investors: daily provision of the NAV, production and dissemination of monthly management reports ...
  • Organization of management meetings for major customers, 2 to 4 times a year.
  • Exceptional information on changes in the management company, funds, prospectuses ...
  • Providing tailor-made reports for some clients.

En savoir plus sur Investeam TPM


Investeam TPM offre aux sociétés de gestion d’actifs un accès direct et local aux marchés canadien, belge et luxembourgeois. Avec plus de 1 milliards € d’encours collectés à l’international pour ses clients, Investeam TPM est devenu l’un des principaux TPM sur ses différents marchés. Quels que soient les zones géographiques et les segments de clientèle ciblés, une présence locale, une proximité culturelle et une intimité commerciale avec les investisseurs sont les premiers facteurs clés de succès du développement d’une société de gestion.

  • This local presence mitigates the risk of failure due to cultural incomprehension.
  • It ensures optimal knowledge of the local market and promotes the development of "customer intimacy. "
  • Nos présences locales sont assurées par des entrepreneurs locaux, propriétaires de leurs entreprises sous licence Investeam TPM. La motivation des équipes locales est donc garantie.
  • Our wider geographical coverage allows for faster commercial development than if it was only started from France.
Tangible successes have already been demonstrated, to the benefit of management companies which in this way considerably increased their influence and reputation.

Fund creation and evolution consulting

During our existence, we initiated or collaborated in the creation of 5 very original funds for our clients management companies. The permanent adaptation of the range of funds and their characteristics is an integral part of the commercial development action and we strongly contribute to it.

Material resources made available

Located in the heart of Paris, our offices are equipped with a meeting room of standing allowing to accommodate small events.

Our hard and software computing resources are fully adapted to commercial and financial functions: laptops, projector, remotely accessible network, CRM, Telekurs, DTP, high quality printer ...

The ergonomics of our website makes immediate access to daily and detailed information on the funds.

Your sales team in France

A complete team, entirely dedicated to the function commercial: commerciale :

5 sellers, 1 support person

Typology of investors who trust us

  • 28%: pension funds
  • 25%: funds of funds
  • 24%: private banks
  • 17%: social organizations
  • 3%: insurers
  • 1%: banks
  • 1%: Companies