About us

As a TPM, Investeam ensures the commercial development of independent management companies.

A pioneer and leader of TPM in Europe

Investeam is a SAS created in 2004, Investeam is wholly owned by its founders. Investeam raised more than 3,5 billion euros in raised funds for asset management companies. Present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, Investeam is a member of AFTPM: French Association of Third Party Marketers.

3 major goals

  • Ensure the commercial development of the management companies.
  • Offer professional investors a range of remarkable products.
  • Offer management companies and professional investors tailor-made customer service.

A strict code of ethics

Investeam is a founding member of the AFTPM. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the Regulator. We are transparent and communicate the performance of our funds through our website. Our accounts are audited each year by an auditor.